5 Stocking Stuffers for Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur is asking Santa for business growth and success this season. As your business continues to grow, you’ll have to adapt and make sure that your finances, staffing and overall productivity are in order without losing pace. Fortunately, this holiday season provides an opportunity to gift yourself the perfect stocking stuffers that will make running your business easier and more convenient than ever.

To spread the holiday cheer and get you set up for success, here are five of my favorite tools that bolster efficiency, improve productivity and make it a lot easier to run your business.

1. Wunder’s list for productivity

One way to become more productive is to stop the inefficient back-and-forth of emails about projects and supporting documents.

Wunders list lets you place all of your team’s communications, to-do’s and documents in one spot so that you can easily collaborate as well as assign and track projects for accountability.

2. Minute Dock for time management

Hand-in-hand with productivity comes time management. With multiple tasks constantly flooding your “To-Do” list, it’s important to know how you spend your time and how your staff manages their own.

A time tracking tool like MinuteDock is the perfect solution to meet this need. Avoid losing profitability by having oversight of how time is spent and optimize efforts by not having to constantly follow up with employees.

3. Xero for financial insight

Xero provides an intuitive, cloud accounting platform that gives business owners the ability to manage and view their finances on the go with their mobile device or laptop. It lets them conveniently view their daily up-to-date cash flow.

4. Jobvite for streamlined HR

Hiring is always a gamble. Is the person the right fit? What do they bring to the table? What if the next applicant is better?

Jobvite is a way to make the hiring process easier and efficient. Jobvite offers social integration for a wider referral network, video capabilities to get the in-person feel when hiring from different locations- and best of all, the tool tracks the process from beginning to end.

5. Hootsuite for social media management

Entrepreneurs need to constantly be on top of the pulse of social networks, especially influential networks like Twitter that can make or break your brand. Hootsuite integrates with Twitter to manage and personalize the entire social experience. From scheduling tweets hours before they go live to creating dedicated feeds for trends and topics, this software does it all.

All in all, make sure to treat yourself this holiday season and ensure that your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Technology is rapidly growing and there is no reason why you shouldn’t tap into it to push your business to the next level.

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